Special Board Meeting – Bids – May 18, 2022

May 18, 2022
A special Board Meeting was called to order at 4:00 pm. Present: Kerry Tetzner, Sandy Rasotnik, Scottie Sandstrom, Jim Park, Mike Harvey, Scott Campbell, and Jenny Martins.
The meeting was posted in the two public places, Daily Press and the Town website.
Bids were opened for grubbing on South Maple Hill.
Tyler Excavating $59,750.00
Ken & Dale Excavating $42,496.00
Ashland Construction $23,136.00
Tetzner’s Excavating $12,500.00
The lowest bid will be accepted upon the completion of paperwork as he was not informed of this.
Bids were opened for paving South Maple Hill, west of Church Corner Road.
Angelo Luppino, Inc. $65,441.00
Northwoods Paving $60,643.44
A motion by Scottie Sandstrom and a second by Jim Park to accept Northwoods Paving bid at $88.00 per ton. Motion carried. All Ayes.
A motion and a second to adjourn

Kerry Tetzner, Clerk