The Town of Washburn, Wisconsin Plan Commission

The Town of Washburn adopted a 20-year comprehensive plan in 2007. The plan grew out of a collaboration of citizens and town officials who together envisioned qualities to sustain and to bring about in the next several years. The town plan lists several goals, policies, and implementation steps. The town plan commission is a group of five citizens appointed by the town board to assess how town decisions can be consistent with the goals of the plan. When a property owner seeks to put in a driveway, construct a residence, or to start a home-based business, the commission conducts a site visit with the owner to encourage development consistent with the plan. Then the commission makes recommendations to the town board regarding the owner’s permits. Under state law, the plan has some authority. For example, county zoning decisions are required to consider the recommended policies of a town’s plan.

State statutes call for regularly updating the town’s plan, and the town currently is collaborating with Bayfield County in this process. The town plan commission strives for effective community participation in updating the plan, much as we did in 2007. The commission normally meets on the first Tuesday of the month when specific business is required. During the late 2022 through 2023, there will be special events to encourage public input in updating our plan.

Town of Washburn Planning Commission and terms

Kim Bro, Chairperson - 2022-2025
Cyndi Belanger - 2022-2025
Halli Sandberg - 2020-2023
Tim Schwenzfeier - 2024-2027
Jim Park - 2021-2023