Election Information


The Town of Washburn is governed by elected representatives - a Town Chair, two Supervisors, Town Clerk and Town Treasurer. All positions are elected for two year terms in April of the odd numbered years. New officers are sworn into office at the April meeting of the Town Board.

The Town of Washburn Town Hall will be open on election days from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Please bring your id. To vote early or request an absentee ballot contact the Town of Washburn Clerk, Kerry Tetzner at 715-373-2863 to set up an appointment. (29450 Nevers Road, Washburn)

For more information see below:

Go to https://myvote.wi.gov/en-us/
Click on What's on My Ballot
Enter your address

New Voting Equipment by Cheryl Sandstrom

Recently, new voting machines have been purchased and installed for all voting precincts in Bayfield County. Many precincts were using different brands of voting equipment which made it more difficult for the Bayfield County Clerk to tabulate and make a final report. Now all equipment that was purchased by the Towns comes from the same manufacturer, making end of day reporting much easier.

Most voters will use them for the first time at the April spring election but the Town of Washburn will have a chance to use them during the February 15 primary for positions for the Washburn School Board.

Voters will continue to mark the printed paper ballots as in the past and feed them through the scanner.
The only difference is that the scanner is now digital and includes a Touch Screen. Generally, you won’t need to use the touch screen and simply feed your ballot through.

However, if the scanner sees something on the ballot that is questionable, it will stop feeding the ballot and spit it back out. The Touch Screen will then show you what is needed to make corrections.

The other additional piece of equipment we have is called ExpressVote. This sits on a tabletop, making it accessible for those with disabilities. It is a Touch Screen that allows anyone to vote.

A voter inserts a blank paper ballot and follows the directions that come up. Everything you would see on a printed ballot you will now see on the screen. When you are through voting, your ballot will be printed and you will then feed it through the scanner. If the system doesn’t like something it sees on the ballot, screens will show what is wrong and how to correct it before printing it out.

Because not as many people will be coming out to vote for the February primary, we encourage you to take some time and try using the ExpressVote.

The screens on both machines are easy to follow and the Poll Workers will be available to help as needed.