Road Maintenance

Mike Harvey - Road Superintendant
Joe Amrein Town of washburn
Joe Amrein - Equipment Operator
Washburn Town Grader
Town Grader

This year the town purchased a Handy Hitch compactor. It is pulled behind the grader as the roads are graded.  This piece of equipment can be operated by a single person. It is able to maintain constant pressure on the road and will leave a smooth, uniform surface. It results in a driving surface that stands up to the impact of weather and traffic. The town owned a smaller version but it needed to be attached to another piece of equipment and operated by another person. It was not able to apply the same amount of pressure.

This new piece of equipment results in less operator time, less use of equipment and that equals less fuel and less repairs. When Joe Amrein, Equipment Operator,  was asked his opinion about the Handy Hitch he said, “This is the best piece of equipment a town can purchase. Having worked on roads without it, I can see the difference it makes on the roads. No town should be without one.”