Letter to Residents regarding Snowplowing – 3/23

Town Residents

As you are all aware we are experiencing a long, hard winter. The last few weeks have been particularly difficult. Just as you are individually having difficulty finding places to put the snow, so is the town crew. While it may feel that they are deliberately plowing snow into your driveways, they are trying to knock down the large banks so that you can see if there are cars coming as you pull out. This snow is particularly wet and heavy, leaving larger banks and chunks. I can assure you that they are not putting more snow into driveways of those who have called with concerns.

The board will discuss options on how to deal with this problem. In the meantime, as you are clearing your driveway, put as much of the snow, as possible, onto your property away from the main road and put snow to the right side (when you exit) of your driveway.

To keep everyone safe, the town needs to continue to wing out the roads and push the big banks back in preparation for the next snow. We apologize for the additional work required to keep your driveways open.

The good news is that it is the middle of March and I can guarantee that spring will come soon.

Sandy Raspotnik, Chair