Meeting Minutes Special Meeting February 1, 2022

Link to Attorney Max Lindsey Letter and Emmer Shields Email (1.6 Mb PDF File)

February 1, 2022

Special meeting called to order at 3:00 pm. Present: Kerry Tetzner, Sandy Raspotnik, Scottie Sandstrom, Jim Park, Mike Harvey, Phillip Norrgard, Carla Smith, John Carlson, Emmer Shields, Kathleen Russell, Wendy Stein, Tom Cogger, Connie Cogger, Susan Jones, Randy Snippen, Brenda Rechel, Ron Rechel, Lynn Krueger, Dennis Weibel, and Steve Bade.

Meeting minutes were posted in the three public places.

John Carlson talked in response to the letter from Attorney Max Lindsey on their (property owners) four points of concern with the project of South Maple Hill Road. See attached sheet.

  • The Town has the right to cut the trees on the right of way.
  • The measurement from the center of the road of 66 feet is legal.
  • The trees belong to the landowners and will be given to them.
  • The soil that is within a resident’s property will be put on the owner’s land, if there is soil left over during the construction process.
  • John Carlson will contact Max Lindsey as to what the property owners wish to do with the soil on their property on South Maple Hill.

Emmer Shields, Engineer, responded to the concerns of the property owners. See attached sheet.

A motion by Jim Park and a second by Scottie Sandstrom to hire Northern Renewables to cut the trees on South Maple Hill right of way. Motion carried. All Ayes.

A motion and a second to adjourn.

Kerry Tetzner, Clerk