Minutes, August 7, 2022

Plan Commission Minutes
Town of Washburn
Outdoors at 28895 County Hwy C
Tuesday, August 7, 2022
Members present: Kim Bro (chair), Cyndi Belanger (secretary), Jim Park (town board representative).
Members absent: Tim Schwenzfeier (vice chair), Hallie Sandberg.
Town Road Supervisor: Mike Harvey.
Others present: Mike and Dianne Sandor.
1. Chairman Bro called the meeting of the commission to order at 7:02 P.M. and verified its legal
notification (posted at town hall and Tetzner Dairy) on July 29, 2022 and on town website.
2. At 6:35 P.M. the commission conducted a site visit with owners Michael & Dianne Sandor who wish
extend a driveway to a replacement residence on their 64-acre parcel in an Agriculture 1 zoning district
(SW¼SE¼ + portion of SE¼SE¼ Section 27 T.49N R.5W; Tax ID#: 31045; 28895 County Hwy C).
The owners propose to place a replacement residence near their woods approximately 760 feet west of
County Hwy C and 460 feet north of South Maple Hill Road. They intend to continue harvesting hay
from their 13-acre hayfield. The commission noted that runoff flowing eastward from Maple Hill easily
can be directed northward toward the wetland area north of the owners’ pole building. Mike Harvey
advised them to have the driveway installer check the soil under the proposed driveway in deciding how
much gravel base is needed. If it is solid clay a base layer of 2-minus rock or gravel will be necessary to
provide adequate load-bearing capacity. If sand-over-clay extends to the proposed driveway, only 6
inches of gravel may be adequate. The owners had not marked the Tee turn-around near the proposed
garage, but they are aware that a 48-foot length and 25-foot turning radius must be part of the driveway
3. The minutes of the July 5, 2022 meeting were approved (Jim moves, Kim seconds).
4. The commission recommended (Cyndi moves, Jim seconds) that the town board approve the driveway
permit for Mike and Dianne Sandor. With a turn-around Tee near the proposed garage and addition of
gravel, the driveway will meet the driveway ordinance requirements (Drive. Ord. S.4). The setback of the
house at the west side of the existing hayfield and the maintenance of harvesting hay will maintain the
agricultural character of the property (Policy #8.1.e). The direction of runoff toward an existing wetland
that flows through a ravine to the Sioux River accommodates the potential for erosion of clay soils in the
area (Policy #8.2.a & pp.7-7). No new culverts are needed.
5. The commission discussed scheduling a site visit of the old landfill on Sunday afternoon August 28 and
other site visits and a meeting on Tuesday evening September 6, 2022 with a meeting at 7:00 P.M.at the
town hall.
6. The meeting adjourned at 7:25 P.M. (Cyndi moves, Jim seconds).
Draft submitted by: Kenneth Bro, Chair, Town of Washburn Plan Commission (August 10, 2022).
Plan Commission Report
The commission recommends that the Town Board approve a driveway permit to extend the existing drive
for Mike and Dianne Sandor.