Meeting Minutes June 11, 2019

June 11, 2019

Regular Board Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m.. Present: Kerry Tetzner, Sandy Raspotnik, Brenda Rechel, Wendy Stein, John Adams, Mike Harvey, Ron Rechel, Bob Adams, Bob Short, John Hartzell, Kim Bro Ryan Sandberg, Teri Short, Gina Park and Jim Park.

Meeting notices were properly posted in the three public places and published in the Daily Press.

Roll call was taken. All present.

Public comment took place.

Meeting minutes from the May 14, 22, and 28, 2019 meeting were read and written copies given to the Board Members. Motion by John Adams and a second by Wendy Stein to accept as presented. Motion carried. All Ayes.

Clerk’s report-a new voting machine from $7000.00 to $10,000.00 is the news from the County to put in 2020 budget.

Brenda gave Treasurer Report. All books are balanced. The Clerks and Treasurer’s computers are mirrored. A motion by Sandy Raspotnik and a second by John Adams to give Brenda a per diem for her extra time required to bring the books up to date. Motion carried. All Ayes. Snow plow bills are being paid. A motion by Wendy Stein and a second by Sandy Raspotnik to accept report. Motion carried. All Ayes.

Mike Harvey gave crew report. A motion by Sandy Raspotnik and a second by Wendy Stein to buy four radial tires for the tractor from Lulich Implement for not more than $7,000.00 and $974.00 for a brake repair. Motion carried. All Ayes. Roads are being graded and mowing is starting. Brushing is being done on the Forest Roads .A roller for the grader has been tabled. A motion by John Adams and a second by Wendy Stein to accept report. Motion carried. All Ayes.

Kim Bro talked on the four permits and that the Comprehensive Plan needs to be updated. Motion by Sandy Raspotnik and a second by Wendy Stein to approve a driveway permit for Mike Harvey on Pajala Road and for Brian Patterson on McKinley Road. Motion carried. All Ayes. The Comprehensive Plan update has been tabled.

Jason Gierczic and Pat McAlpine special use permits were not acted upon because more information is needed..

Michelle McCumber’s contract was viewed and will continue.

The LED lighting estimates were discussed and certain projects (garage, exterior lighting, town hall and lighting in town garage) were selected and more detailed estimates will be received on those projects and action taken at the next meeting.

A motion by Wendy Stein and a second by John Adams to open the floor to the audience. Motion carried. All Ayes. A discussion on the Solar Panels. Ryan Sandberg is an owner of a Company in California that install Solar Panels. Ryan provide his opinion on the solar panels and Wendy added additional information. He stated that a 12 year plus payoff is hard to justify. He was not sure how NES (Next ENERGY Solution) calculate their payoff and is not sure if NES are being reasonable on their 15 year estimate. Inverters are normally warrantied for 12 years. Most modern solar investments model in a full inverter replacement every 12 years. It’s hard to say what that would cost 12 years from now but the current inverter cost would be three to four thousand in parts plus labor. He would estimate a full day of labor with two workers needed, cost between one and two thousand. He also stated that we should try to reduce the amount of electricity being used, the three R’s-reduce, recycle and research.

A contract for spraying for cluster flies for the fall of 2019 was discussed. There was no action taken on this matter.

Asphalt bids for eight culverts and patching on Ondossagon Road and Scholl Road were opened.

Angelo Luppino $31,188.00, Northwoods paving $25,705.05. A motion by Sandy Raspotnik and a second by John Adams to accept the bid from Northwoods Paving for $25,705.05. Motion carried. All Ayes.

Sandy and Mike will put out bids for gravel.

A motion and a second to pay all current bills.

A motion and a second to adjourn.

Kerry Tetzner, Clerk