All information relating to the Landfill

City of Washburn, Bayfield County
Town of Bayview, Bayfield County
Town of Washburn, Bayfield County
State Cost Sharing for Landfill Closure

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WHEREAS: The Town of Washburn, City of Washburn and the Town of Bayview have jointly operated a landfill located in the Town of Washburn for a number of years;

WHEREAS: The land on which the landfill is located is owned by the Town of Washburn;

WHEREAS: The total cost of closure for the landfill was approximately $300,000;

WHEREAS: The cost of operation and closure of the landfill has been split between each participant as follows: 77% City of Washburn, 12% Town of Bayfield, 11% Town of Washburn;

WHEREAS: As the law currently is written, only the owner of a landfill (Town of Washburn) can receive state cost sharing for closure cost;

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED: That we request the legislature of the State of Wisconsin to give favorable consideration to include in the Budget Adjustment Bill an amendment sponsored by Senator Cavala and Senator Leean allowing owners and operators of landfills to receive state cost sharing for landfill closure cost;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: That we request the Governor of the State of Wisconsin to give favorable consideration to include in the Budget Adjustment Bill an amendment sponsored by Senator Cavala and Senator Leean allowing owners and operators of landfills to receive state cost sharing for landfill closure cost.

John C. Burke, Mayor, City of Washburn March 9, 1992
Attested by Vicki Swanson, Clerk, City of Washburn
Ladislaus J. Strzok, Acting Chair, Town of Bayview March 11, 1992
Attested by Tammy L. DeMars, Clerk, Town of Bayview
Wilmer Pohlman, Chairman, Town of Washburn March 5, 1992
Attested by Philip Tetzner, Clerk, Town of Washburn

For Closed Washburn Area Landfill

This Agreement between the Town of Washburn and the Town of Bayview, each being a political subdivision of the State of Wisconsin, and the City of Washburn, a Wisconsin municipality, is for the maintenance of the sanitary landfill used by the said towns and said city, following closure. Said towns and said city do mutually agree to comply with the preventative maintenance program outlined on page #15 in the Landfill Closure Plan, attached hereto, and is as follows:

1. Wells monitored
2. Inspection of the area for erosion or loss of vegetation
3. Mow the site at least twice between July and September
4. Treatment of cap with herbicides as needed.

The Town of Washburn agrees that their personnel will provide the on-site inspections and do the mowing with actual costs to be billed to City of Washburn. The City of Washburn will act as fiscal agent and yearly bill Townships for costs of maintenance and well monitoring at the following percentages:

City of Washburn – 77% (seventy-seven percent)
Town of Bayview – 12% (twelve percent)
Town of Washburn – 11% (eleven percent)

The Town of Bayview, Town of Washburn and City of Washburn do further agree that if major repairs to the landfill cap should be needed, each entity assumes joint responsibility for elimination of the situation.

This agreement effective on date of last entity signing.

Town of Bayview
Gail K. Russo, Chair September 9, 1991
Tammy L. DeMars, Clerk September 9, 1991
Town of Washburn
Wilmer Pohlman, Chair
Philip E. Tetzner, Clerk October 9, 1991
City of Washburn
John C. Burke, Mayor September 30, 1991
Vicki E. Swanson, Clerk September 30, 1991
C. A series of 35 millimeter color prints which illustrate the sequence of construction.
D. An analysis and discussion of the soil testing work on the clay cap and the topsoil. All raw data will be included in the report Appendix.


It is proposed that the current groundwater monitoring program already in place will be continued. Monitoring parameters will include: chlorides, chemical oxygen demand, fiel pH, alkalinity, field specific conductance, total hardness, iron, field temperature and elevation of the water level prior to bailing.

The location of the existing monitoring wells are shown on the drawings. It is proposed that quarterly sampling will continue during 1990. Beginning in 1991, sampling will be performed semi-annually, in March and September of each year.


Site maintenance will consist of the following:
1. Semi-annual inspection of the site in May and October to identify areas of erosion or loss of vegetation which need repair. These inspections will be made by a representative of the City of Washburn and Town of Washburn. A written memorandum documenting the results of these inspections will be placed on file with each unit of government.
2. Eroded areas will be repaired within 30 days of each inspection and the completed work documents by written memorandum.
3. The site will be mowed at least twice between July 1 and September to control growth of woody brush and trees over the area of the clay cap. This will also provide mulch material to enhance sod growth and help control erosion on the site.
4. As required, treatment of the cap area with an herbicide approved by the Wis DNR and US EPA will be used to control weed growth so that the sod from the seeding program will continue to dominate the site vegetation for the long term.

Landfill Oversight Link (pdf)
Construction documentation for closure (pdf)