Annual Meeting Minutes April 2022

April 19, 2022

The Annual Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm. by Chair Sandy Raspotnik, at the Washburn Town Hall. Meeting notices were properly posted in the two public places, web site and published in the daily Press.

Minutes from the May 18, 2021 were read and written copies given to the Board Members. A motion by Mike Harvey and a second by Scottie Sandstrom to accept the minutes as presented. Motion carried. All Ayes.

Jim Park talked about the new web site for the Town through Superior Lighthouse. He also talked about the equipment in the Town Hall for having Zoom meetings. You are now able to go to the web site and sign up for emails from the Town.

Scottie Sandstrom talked about grants that were applied for by the Town for projects on the Wannebo Road, 50/50 match, we didn’t get, but will be sent into the BIL grant, federally funded at 80/20 match. We did get the LRIP grant for South Maple Hill west of Church Corner Road. Project cost is $65,000.00 which we will receive $27,500.00 from the grant. We are also working with the Town of Barksdale for a BIL grant for Engoe Road. Barksdale is taking the lead on this. There is a grant going on for FR 251, first mile black top and seven miles of gravel to FR 236. Another grant for FR 236 to County C, and a grant for gravel on FR 500, 100% covered.

Sandy thanked Keith Fleig for the nice job done painting the Town Hall. Also, future work to be done on the Town Hall.

Steve Bade talked on monitoring of the land fill. Click here for attachment.

Mike Cariveau spoke on Bayfield Wireless for internet in the Town, with many projects in the works and should be completed by the Fall of 2023.

Motion by Sandy Raspotnik and second by Mike Harvey to have next year Annual Meeting on April 18, 2023. Motion carried. All Ayes.

Motion by Mike Harvey and a second by Scottie Sandstrom to Adjourn. Motion carried. All Ayes.


Kerry Tetzner, Clerk

People present:

Kerry Tetzner                     Sandy Raspotnik               Jim Park                               Scottie Sandstrom

Lynn Adams                       Joe Amrein                         Mike Harvey                       Cheryl Sandstrom

Patsy Tetzner                     Tracy Mattson                   Bob Adams                         Bob Short

Steve Bade                         Ron Rechel                         Brenda Rechel                   Jay Glase

Kim Bro                                Melody Fleig                      Keith Fleig                           Wendy Stein

Mike Cariveau